Klein 521 Wet Paper Recorder

A little nostalgia today. I cut my teeth on a used Klein 521 paper machine (serial #83) and spent many MANY hours listening to the sound of the helix blades rubbing against paper. Marty Klein you built some fantastic sonar gear! I also owe a dept of gratitude to Garry Kozak for his assistance in helping me to get the recorder tweaked to perfection.

I started using the system in 2002 and finally switched to a hybrid 595 digital system I assembled in 2006. The 521 found a lot of wrecks in those four years. Watch the Youtube video below and it might take some of you back…………………

I’m now the proud owner of a Klein 3000 system so it looks like the Klein sonar gear I’ve owned has spanned just a few decades.


Rub testing a 521 wet paper recorder with a 100kHz towfish.