What is Sound Underwater Survey?

Sound Underwater Survey is a small group of friends who are interested in finding and exploring local shipwrecks and their history. A great deal of our own personal time and money is spent pursuing the elusive unknown wreck… more……

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Oscar C. Aiken

The remains of an 1898 shipwreck off the coast of Connecticut has been identified by a maritime avocational research team as the schooner Oscar C. Aiken On October 23rd, 1898 the seventy-four-foot-long schooner Oscar C. Aiken, bound to Newport Rhode Island with a cargo of coal, foundered a mile and a half east of Bartlett… more

Uncharted wrecks West of North Dumpling in Fishers Island Sound

Over the past few years we’ve been investigating uncharted wrecks in the area West of North Dumpling in Fishers Island Sound. We’d known for a long time about four wrecks in this area and when NOAA “recently” found a fifth wreck we decided to look into what else might be there. We found and investigated… more