Trying not to take ourselves to seriously....
Trying not to take ourselves to seriously….

Sound Underwater Survey is simply a name used to define a small group of friends who are interested in finding and exploring local shipwrecks and their history. We all have day jobs and just do this for the fun and “adventure” of it. A great deal of our own personal time and $ is spent pursuing the elusive unknown wreck … and we have a lot of fun doing it, isn’t that what life’s supposed to be all about. We’re not academics or politicians trying to push a certain view or agenda, we’re just normal working guys (and gals) who enjoy diving, being on the water, making a few discoveries, and learning about our local maritime history. This web site is our way of getting you to come along with us to enjoy the stories and history of vessels lost to the sea. We spend all the time, energy, and $ putting it all together. You just sit back, surf the site, and enjoy the fruit of our efforts.

Finding lost items on the bottom of the sea is in my blood, Captain William Henry Hurst my great uncle made a living recovering anchors lost by the great coasting schooners, was lost at sea in 1932, and washed up on Monomoy Island, Cape Cod.