September 2015 Shipwreck Side Scan Trip

Block Island and Rhode Island Sound

We made a scanning trip over Labor Day weekend hitting as many known wrecks as we could in three days. We were shooting for a total of thirty wrecks but the weather didn’t cooperate yesterday so we were only able to scan twenty-five. We had the Klein 3000 in the water for seventeen hours scanning in Block Island and Rhode Island Sound. One of the reasons for this trip was to rescan a few wrecks I haven’t scanned in awhile with the intention of looking at the damage draggers are doing to them over time. Of primary interest in this regard were the Annapolis and a schooner on the south west corner of Block. I also wanted to hit a few wrecks that I either haven’t scanned before or don’t have what I consider to be decent images.

Scanning conditions on Saturday weren’t great but we managed to hit twelve wrecks between Watch Hill and Block Island acquiring some pretty good images considering the sea state, (Onondaga, Guard, Metis, Lake Crystal, Old Bouquet, Pipe Wreck [Harry White], Annapolis, Heroine, Rudder Wreck, Schooner north of the Heroine, 101, and Chris Craft) . Sunday was really good and we scanned eleven wrecks around Block Island (Montana, Two Brothers, Sonar Barge, South West Corner Schooner, Bass, Acid Barge, Grecian, Spar Buoy, Idene, Henry Failing, and a possible new one on the east side of Block . Monday went to pot real quick and we only managed to hit three wrecks, (Cormorant Cove Wreck, David R & The Merrill C. Hart). After scanning the David R and Hart we hid on the east side of Block and just scanned the east shore along the 20’ depth curve. We intended to scan the Spartan but she lays in very shallow water and the sea state made it unsafe to scan

Here’s the first in the series, One-Oh-One. I was interested in getting a scan of the wreck and the oil spreading out around it:

Barge 101, B-101, Barge One-Oh-One, AWOIS 2917
Barge 101, B-101, Barge One-Oh-One, AWOIS 2917
Klein 3000, 500 kHz

Jim Jenney datasheet for Barge 101, B-101, Barge One-Oh-One, AWOIS 2917.

B-101, Jim Jenny, Datasheet