Posts from January, 2016

Shipping off my old Klein 521 system.

I’ve been a bit busy over the past month working on the new boat and getting the new sonar gear “survey ready”. Speaking of sonar gear I shipped off my trusty old Klein gear today to it’s new (warm) home in Florida. I’m sure it’s going to a good home with more new wrecks to… more


I overheard a conversation at our recent “Sea Dog” Christmas party about “Bio-clutter”, it’s just what happens when you have a house full of marine biologists and wreck divers. Anyway, I’d just been working on processing these scans and they’re very relevant to the topic. This is the wreck of the Annapolis, Black Diamond, AWOIS… more

The “Karen Jean”, a modern day sinking and rescue at sea.

On October 22nd 2014 the 55′ tug Karen Jean pulling a 110′ barge during a fall nor’easter sank about two miles east of Scarborough State Beach in Narragansett, R.I.  The 60-foot fishing vessel Merit  heard Karen Jean’s distress calls and went to help.  Putting their own vessel at risk Captain Sidney Smith of the F/V Merit,… more

“Trial and Triumph – The Accounts of Ernie Plantz as WWII Submariner and Japanese P.O.W.”

It’s time to sit down and start reading my good friend Steve Jackson’s new book “Trial and Triumph – The Accounts of Ernie Plantz as WWII Submariner and Japanese P.O.W.” If you’re interested in historical accounts of WWII submariners written by “The Men” who lived it, his series of books on this subject are definitely… more

Survey of various NOAA Automated Wrecks and Obstructions off Bridgeport Connecticut using an Edgetech 4125 Side Scan Sonar System.

November of 2014 our team spent a day scanning a number of shipwrecks off of Bridgeport Connecticut.  We scanned nine NOAA Automated Wrecks and Obstructions Information System (AWOIS) wrecks.  Also, while transiting from one wreck to another with the towfish in the water we stumbled across a new shipwreck.  Diver investigation showed it to be… more