Posts from September, 2016

Scanning on the Gauntlet.

Larry and I had a great day scanning with Heather, Dave, and Scott of Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions on board the Gauntlet. Gauntlet in her slip. Me on the back deck with the Klein 3000

Lost AUV

Sound Underwater Survey had it’s first paying commercial job since buying the Klein 3000. It turns out that the the object of our search wasn’t there, but we looked hard for it. After the operation the AUV talked to an Argos satellite, so it’s floating somewhere and not on the bottom as initially thought. Plenty… more

A weekend of hunting and diving, Day 4

Sunday: Pat and I left North Cove to scan a few wrecks to the west of the Connecticut River. All the wrecks fell between the entrance to the Connecticut River and Cornfield Point, and all currently uncharted 🙂 Just the way we like them. See the pictures for the descriptions. Pat and I thought the… more

A weekend of hunting and diving, Day 3

We woke up Saturday morning and got an early start. We had a lot of miles to cover and some diving to do. The wind just never seemed to stop over the past few days so sea conditions weren’t optimal heading out and we didn’t expect any improvement. We headed out past South West Ledge… more

A weekend of hunting and diving, Day 1 & 2

We steamed to Cormorant Cove Block Island on Thursday night so that we could get an early start Friday morning. We wanted to be on site, 20 miles east of Block, to look for a B-24 Liberator before the weather turned. The Liberator had crashed while practicing night Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) runs. Friends of… more