Posts from November, 2015

Getting some work done on the new Klein 3000

I just finished adapting the depressor from my old system to the new. The depressor makes deployment/retrieval much harder but the image quality is increased by an order of magnitude. It’s well worth the added hassle. I also made a new bracket to hold the pinger. Much more secure and easier to change batteries and… more

Klein 521 Wet Paper Recorder

A little nostalgia today. I cut my teeth on a used Klein 521 paper machine (serial #83) and spent many MANY hours listening to the sound of the helix blades rubbing against paper. Marty Klein you built some fantastic sonar gear! I also owe a dept of gratitude to Garry Kozak for his assistance in… more

Finding shipwrecks, discovering history, and having fun.

I’ve been posting a lot of side scan sonar images of large, well-known wrecks that have been visited over the years by a parade of divers, however, my main motivation for being involved with this activity is to find unknown shipwrecks. When people think of an undiscovered shipwreck they likely think of an intact wreck… more

September 2015 Shipwreck Side Scan Trip

We made a scanning trip over Labor Day weekend hitting as many known wrecks as we could in three days. We were shooting for a total of thirty wrecks but the weather didn’t cooperate yesterday so we were only able to scan twenty-five. We had the Klein 3000 in the water for seventeen hours scanning… more

Fun on the Nauset Barge and Monomoy.

The following is an account of some excitement that the crew of the Baccala had on one of our annual week long dive trips to Cape Cod.  The account describes an interesting end to a dive we made on the 703, a barge three miles off Nauset Beach, and the subsequent rounding of Monomoy Island… more