Word Goes Out to the A-Team

February 21, 2010

After I made the decision to pursue locating the U-550 I needed to get buy in with the Baccala A-Team. I was going to need a lot of physical, mental, and monetary support and if I didn’t have the team backing me, than this project wasn’t going to go anywhere. I’ve been diving with most of the guys on the A-Team for the last twenty years, since 1990, and they’ve been supporting me with my side scan sonar and wreck hunting endeavors since 2000. One thing about the Baccala crew is that it’s not just about the diving, we have a great time together, work really good as a team, everyone just loves being on the water, they like a challenge, and really enjoy the history of what we’re diving or looking for.

Another thing I wanted to do was keep the project quiet until we’d completed our first search and hopeful discovery of the wreck site. The reason I wanted to keep it quiet was because the Baccala crew works so well together, no ones in it just for themselves, and I didn’t want any outside influences on the project that would create rifts in the group or make the trip less enjoyable.

My original plan called for a combination search/dive trip, however, the logistics of combining the two disciplines on one trip with the possibility of not locating the wreck didn’t seem reasonable.

From: Mark Munro
Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2010 6:22 PM

Hey all,

This email is going out to all the people I know don’t need to be sent a Non Disclosure Agreement.  Given the “sensitivity” of this project I would appreciate it if all those who receive this email not mention it to anyone not listed above as a recipient. As we all know word gets around fast and I’d like to proceed with this project and not generate any attention… until it’s complete.

I have been considering (and continually prodded to attempt) an “expedition” to locate, dive, and document the location of the U-550.  What I am planning is a four to five day offshore remote sensing and dive trip (June, July, or August) to put this long sought after targets location to rest.  Although the Baccala is of course a most capable vessel for this extended trip I am looking into the use of a larger, stable, “comfortable”, offshore vessel as a platform.  One that would not only accommodate a remote sensing team to document, with SSS, the Pan Pennsylvania and locate the U-550 but also a dive team to dive and video document the wreck when we find it, possibly ~350fsw .  I’ve asked AUSS to support us with the deep tow equipment needed to efficiently do the remote sensing and  JPF has confirmed that AUSS would most likely be able to support us.  I also spoke with Jeff today about coordinating the dive portion of the project and he is of course ready, willing, and able. Besides capable divers who are willing (and able) to make the dive I’d also like to have a few people on board who would be able to support the remote sensing portion of the trip (John, Arne, Story?) so I don’t have to do all the work behind the magic box(s) myself.  I’d also like a few licensed captains on board (Jack/Mike) who could stand watch and relieve the main captain. A capable, proven, offshore gourmet chef to provide sustenance to all would also be appreciated (Scott the chef and diver?)… Assorted deck hands, safety divers, a photographer, etc are also needed.  Hey, we’ll probably do some fishing too.  Unfortunately the cost will have to be spread across a portion of the participants, so it wont be a free trip for all. Are you interested?

This is all in the preliminary stages and may or may not go off, but if I don’t try, it wont happen.  Please reply with your comments, suggestions, or concerns.

BTW, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Pan Pennsylvania and U-550 they’re located about sixty to seventy-five miles south of Nantucket.  That’s past the Doria and Republic… could be fun, could be a wash, could be frustrating… you know how that it goes.

Best regards,